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On June 4 of this year, at the Al-Biruni  Institute of Oriental Studies Uzbekistan, Academy of Sciences, a presentation was held of the books “Manifestations of a Sufi Woman in Central Asia: A Critical Edition of Ḥāfiẓ-i Baṣīr’s Maẓhar al-ʻajā’ib” which was published by Brill press in 2020 and “Female Religiosity in Central Asia,” was published  by Cambridge University Press in 2024 year which  was written by  Aziza Shanazarova who is a former employee of our Institute and now a professor at Columbia University.


Among the speakers who expressed their observations regarding the scientific significance of the presented books and the research activities of the author were the Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Doctor of History, Prof., B. Abdukhalimov, Deputy Director, Professor., S. Karimova, Rector of the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies Prof., G. Rikhsieva, Professor of Indiana University (USA) Devin Devis, Deputy-rector of the University “New Uzbekistan” PhD H. Nazirova and Senior Researcher of the Institute  N. Toshev.

On 23-May 2024, Delegation of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies named after Prince Saud Al Faisal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

The Delegation was welcomed by Director of the Institute Prof. B. Abduhalimov. The Delegation was informed about the scientific activities of the Institute, its research departments, books which were published by the staff and the construction of the new building of the Institute. The members of the delegation thanked for warm reception and noted that the activities, the new building and publications of the Institute made a huge impression on them.









On May 22, the 19th Republican conference dedicated to the memory of academician Ubaydulla Karimov titled ‘Current Issues in Researching the Field of Oriental Studies’ took place at the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies and the Abdulla Kadiri School of Literary Creativity. The conference aimed to provide opportunities for scientists and researchers to utilize modern methods in the study of Oriental studies and exchange experiences with international scholars and specialists.

Representatives from various organizations participated in the conferences, including all institutions in the social and humanitarian direction of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, National University of Uzbekistan, International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, State Museum of the History of the Timurids, ‘New Century Generation’ publishing house, as well as young and mature scientists from universities in Kashkadarya, Jizzakh, Bukhara regions of our Republic. Independent researchers, leading scientists and scientific staff of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences also actively participated.

Additionally, researchers from the USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Turkey also contributed to the conference with their valuable presentations.










On 21 May 2024 the curators of the international exhibition “ALMADAR” which planned to be held in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 2025 under the auspices of the foundation “Diriya Biennale” (Saudi Arabia) Al-Kutoubi (UK), Marika Sardar (USA) Faye Behbehani (Kuwait) and Wen Wenning (China) visited the al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the visit is to familiarize with the exhibits recommended for display at the "ALMADAR" exhibition from the collection of the Manuscript Fund of the Al-Biruni institute of oriental studies Uzbekistan Academy of sciences, as well as formulating prospective plans for the future presentation of the institute’s collection at international exhibitions.

First, the guests were introduced to the scientific activities of the institute and the exhibition of unique manuscripts belonging to the Manuscript Fund. After that, the guests were given information on the activities of the institute’s restoration, scanning departments and reading hall. The activities of the institute, new building and scientific publications left a great impression on the guests and expressed their gratitude for the warm reception.












From April 8th to April 12th of this year, the Russian State Library held the VII International Scientific and Practical Seminar on the topic "Document Restoration: Conservatism and Innovations" in Moscow.

The speech of Vadim Valeryevich Duda, the General Director of the Russian State Library,

at the official opening ceremony of the seminar.

Conservators and restorers from leading libraries and archives of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, and Turkey took part in this seminar.

Participants of the Seminar

  1. Khodjaeva, an employee of the Conservation and Restoration Department at the Abu Rayhan Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies of Uzbekistan Academy of Science, also participated with a report on the topic "Specifics of Restoring Eastern Manuscripts." Representatives from several libraries expressed interest in the restoration of Eastern manuscripts and expressed a desire to develop their skills specifically in this area.

Доклад Б. Ходжаевой на тему "Специфика реставрации восточных рукописей"

At the seminar, all aspects of conservation and restoration were discussed, including inventory monitoring of collections and libraries, causes of damage to manuscript books, documents, historical globes, maps, and atlases, as well as cleaning them from pigment stains, restoring leather, paper, parchment, and newspapers, and the effects of inks and pigments on paper. In the first half of the day, methods of work, experts' experiences, work processes, new technologies were presented, and in the second half of the day, 6-7 workshops were held simultaneously in different directions in laboratories and classrooms.

Y.S. Berezin, a top-rated restorer from the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, conducted a master class in the main hall titled "Duplication Methods: Chinese and Japanese Technology," demonstrating the differences between the two methods.

Y.S. Berezin’s master class

N.O. Omelchuk, an restorer of the 1st category from the Restoration Department of Library Funds at the Russian State Library, conducted a master class on the topic "Restoration of Severely Damaged Documents with Duplication on Japanese Silk Paper," demonstrating how to neutralize document acidity, clean pigment stains, and perform restoration stages.


N.O. Omelchuk demonstrates how to neutralize the acidity of paper.

Under the guidance of D.S. Levina, a 6th grade bookbinder from the Binding Department of the Russian State Library, a master class on "Bookbinding" was conducted, demonstrating 4 methods of sewing books, brochures, and magazines.

Master class under the guidance of D.S. Levina

A.A. Kashcheev, the Head of the Preventive Conservation Sector at the Restoration Department of Library Funds of the Russian State Library, conducted a master class titled "Photodocuments with Different Stratigraphic Features: Stabilization of Bio-damage," presenting practical steps in determining the causes of damage, disinfecting photodocuments, and their proper preservation.

А.А.Кащеевнинг маҳорат дарси

This seminar brought together over a hundred specialists from various countries to unite efforts in the field of conservation and restoration, stimulate development and exchange of experiences, and also provided an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. Participants, including B. Khodjaeva from the Institute of Oriental Studies, gained new knowledge and ideas. These insights are not only focused on restoring ancient manuscripts but also offer significant opportunities for applying modern methods and practical training.

Such scientific and practical events make a significant contribution to the development of the conservation and restoration sphere.


Part of the seminar participants.


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