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December 1 of this year at the аl-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of sciences held a scientific seminar Ph.D. Ulfatbek Abdurasulov, researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Iranian Studies.

The topic of this seminar was called “Soft Power of the Empire: The Turkic-Speaking Office of the Moscow Tsars in the 17th Century.” The audience of the event then gave warm feedback about the lecture, asked questions on the topic and answered them accordingly. Following the results of the scientific seminar, proposals were made to continue cooperation with the speaker.



Thursday, 26 October 2023 03:18


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On 24 October 2023 lead researcher of al- Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, a well-known scholar, Prof., Dr. Ashraf Ahmedov has been awarded with a badge “Descendants of Biruni” by the Biruni Public Fund.

The award ceremony was held in the conference hall of the Institute. It was attended by the staff of the institute, scholars and the director of the Biruni Public Fund. At the event, the scholar’s work in studying Biruni’s heritage was highly appreciated.










Monday, 23 October 2023 15:04


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On 18-October 2023-year, Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Sultanate Oman Mr. Habib Mohammad Al-Rashdi and Consul of the Embassy Sultanate Oman in Tashkent Mr.Saud Hamed Al-Yahyage have visited to al-Biruni institute of oriental studies, Uzbekistan academy of sciences. The guests were welcomed by Scientific secretary N.Jabborov, Head of the fund Sh.Islamov and Specialist of the Department of International Relations U.Rakhmanov.

The guests were informed and introduced about the scientific activities of the institute, the research departments of the Institute and the publications of the Institute by Scientific secretary N.Jabborov. After that, the Guests were shown a restoration and repairing   Laboratory and Scanning room of the Institute and given information on the construction of a new building. The guests were greatly thanked for the warm reception and noted that the activities and scientific publications of the Institute left them a huge impression.

Thursday, 28 September 2023 17:34


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On 26 September 2023 year, Professor of the National Pedagogical University of Kazakhstan named after Abay, Sarkitkan Kaster and Associate professor of this university Bolatbek Batyrkhan have visited to Al-Biruni institute of oriental studies. Guests were welcomed by the scientific secretary of the Institute N.Jabbarov and a specialist of the Department of International Relations U. Rakhmanov. Initially, N.Jabbarov informed the guests about the scope of scientific activity of the institute, the activities of the scientific departments of the Institute, and the new building of the Institute. The questions of guests were answered by Doctor of Historical Sciences, academician Dilorom Yusupova, who was considered the pride of the Institute, and a young talented employee of the Institute, PhD Khurshid Azimov. The parties presented each other from their publications. After that, guests inspected the restoration laboratory, scanning room, and library of the Institute. Issues of joint cooperation were discussed and a number of proposals were put forward. The activities of the Institute and the work carried out in Institute  left a huge impression to the guests.






On September 26, on the occasion of the 540th anniversary of the birth of the great king and writer Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, аl-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Republic of Uzbekistan with Ms. Rukhsora Iftikhar, Professor of the Department of History, Punjab University, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Head of the Center for the Study of Babur's Heritage , On September 26, a seminar was held on




The topic of this seminar was called “In search of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur in Pakistan”, and the speaker gave interesting information about the life of Babur in Afghanistan and Pakistan, his description in the work “Baburnoma”. Members of the Institute's Council of Young Scientists then expressed warm feedback about this lecture, asked questions within the scope of the topic and answered them accordingly. Based on the results of the scientific seminar, proposals were made to continue scientific cooperation in the field of Babur studies and Babur studies.

Thursday, 24 August 2023 12:52


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On  22-August , 2023- year a conference on “Relations between Uzbekistan and Egypt: history and present” was held at the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

At this conference participated with their presentations Egyptian scientists led by  Professor Usаma Talat  Director of  The National Library and Archives of the Arab Republic of Egypt including Zaabal Magdi Mohammad, Shihata Abu  Shusha, Ahmad Sa’d Damanhuri, Ahmad Musa, Mohammad Ali Avaz and Uzbek scientists led by Professor Bakhrom Abdukhalimov Director of  Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences including Ne’mat Jabborov, Ibrokhim Usmonov, Saidakbar Mohammadaminov, Fakhriddin Ibragimov, Zafar Fakhriddinov.

At the conference listened to lectures about the relations between Egypt and Uzbekistan in the field of ancient science and culture, the importance of studying the scientific heritage of great scholars who grew up in our country and the specific aspects of introduction into scientific circulation of the manuscripts related to the history of our country that exist in Egypt, as well as the history of Egypt that exist in our country.

At the end of the conference, the Egyptian scientist Ahmad Musa presented the book “Mahmudhoja Behbudi” to the library of the Institute which published for the first time in Arabic.

In connection with this conference, a cultural exhibition was organized by manuscript works of great Egyptian and Uzbek scholars, directly related to the life of Egypt which storage in the Manuscript Fund of Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

The manuscript of “Tafsir Jalalayn” (“The Commentary of the Koran”) of Egyptian scholar Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (1445-1505) is a unique  among manuscripts which presented at the exhibition (The list of manuscripts which presented  at the exhibition were attached).

This exhibition and conference will serve as a solid foundation for the further development of scientific and cultural cooperation between the two countries.



LIST of manuscripts which presented at the exhibition on 22-August  2023-year

  1. “Ashboh van-nazoir” Author: Ibn Nujaym al-Misriy (1519-1562).

(Fiqh. Islamic jurisprudence) №12081/2.

  1. “Al-Munabbihot”. Author: Ibn Hajar al-Askaloniy (1372-1448).

(Hadith). № 11298/3.

  1. “Al-mavohib al-laduniya”. Author: Abul Abbos Shihobuddin Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr Kastaloniy (1448-1517). (History of Islam). №1491.
  2. “Al-Mezon ash-sha’roniya”. Author: Shayh Abdulvahhob ash-Sha’roniy (1493-1565). (Tasawuf ). №2651. Copied in 1670.
  3. “Kitob al-Ansob” (Gyneology). Author: Shikhab ad-Din Abu-l-Abbas Akhmad ibn Ali al-Kalkashandi (1355-1418). (Bibliography and gyneology of popular persons). № 566/3.
  4. “Fath al-Boriy sharhi Sahih al-Bukhari”. Author: Ibn Hajar al-Askaloniy (1372-1448). The most famous review of “Sahih al-Bukhari” in the world. 2-volume. № 6222.
  5. “Al-Itqon fi ulum al-Koran”. Author: Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (The theory of Koranic sciences). № 6782/1.
  6. “Risola fi ma’rifat ad-dunyo” (A treatise on understanding the world). Author: Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (Philosophy of Islam). № 8329/21.
  7. “Tafsiri Jalolayn”. Author:Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (Commentary of Koran). № 1226. Ornate manuscript.
  8. “Al-Hidoya”. Author: Burhoniddin al-Marginoniy. A manuscript copied in Egypt. № 3019/1.
Wednesday, 02 August 2023 03:23


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45th extended session of the World Heritage Committee will take place from 10 to 25 September 2023 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The committee will be chaired by H.H. Princess Haifa Al Mogrin, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Delegate to UNESCO. Currently following countries are members of the World Heritage Committee: Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and Zambia. The World Heritage Committee will consider the implementation of the 1972 UNESCO Convention on Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in Member States. For the time being 195 countries are State Parties to the Convention. Up to date 1157 cultural/natural properties from 167 State Parties are inscribed to the World Heritage List under the 1972 Convention. Among them 43 are transboundary properties from 67 State Parties. The World Heritage Committee will consider also new nominations to the World Heritage List. Based on evaluation made by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) following cultural sites from IICAS’s Member States were recommended to inscribe to the World Heritage List: Cultural Landscape of Khinalig People and “Köç Yolu” Transhumance Route (Azerbaijan), Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of the Jingmai Mountain in Pu’er (China), Deer Stone Monuments and Related Sites of Bronze Age (Mongolia),  Gaya Tumuli (Republic of Korea), Silk Roads: Zarafshan-Karakum Corridor (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan) and Gordion (Turkiye). According to the evaluation by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), following natural sites from IICAS’s Member States were recommended to inscribe to the World Heritage List: Cold Winter Deserts of Turan (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan) and Tugay Forests of the Tigrovaya Balka Nature Reserve (Tajikistan). Final decision will be made by the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee.

Wednesday, 05 July 2023 14:36


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Today, a number of foreign scientists, who are participants in the forum ”Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan – the foundation of the new renaissance” have visited in al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies. Guests have gotten acquainted closely with the new building of the Institute. Director of the Institute Prof. Bahrom Abdukhalimov introduced briefly activities of the institute to the guests. Shown documentary film and the new museum, which was established under the Institute, left a considerable impression on foreigners.








On April 26, 2023 guests from the Sultanate of Oman headed d by Dr. Ahmed visited the Institute.


On April 27, 2023 R. Stephen Humphreys, Professor of History and Islamic Studies (emeritus) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, from the United States, visited the Institute.


On April 28, the Institute was visited by Irina Donovna Zvyagelskaya, head of the Center for Near East Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


On April 29, 2023 Farhan Nizami, director of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies from from the UK visited the Institute.






Wednesday, 15 March 2023 05:01

TSUOS hosted a presentation of books and translated works

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On March 14, 2023, TSUOS hosted a presentation of books and translated works by the leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Rayhon Beruni of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orientalist, source specialist, DSc. Komiljon Rakhimov.


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