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Thursday, 24 August 2023 12:52


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On  22-August , 2023- year a conference on “Relations between Uzbekistan and Egypt: history and present” was held at the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

At this conference participated with their presentations Egyptian scientists led by  Professor Usаma Talat  Director of  The National Library and Archives of the Arab Republic of Egypt including Zaabal Magdi Mohammad, Shihata Abu  Shusha, Ahmad Sa’d Damanhuri, Ahmad Musa, Mohammad Ali Avaz and Uzbek scientists led by Professor Bakhrom Abdukhalimov Director of  Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences including Ne’mat Jabborov, Ibrokhim Usmonov, Saidakbar Mohammadaminov, Fakhriddin Ibragimov, Zafar Fakhriddinov.

At the conference listened to lectures about the relations between Egypt and Uzbekistan in the field of ancient science and culture, the importance of studying the scientific heritage of great scholars who grew up in our country and the specific aspects of introduction into scientific circulation of the manuscripts related to the history of our country that exist in Egypt, as well as the history of Egypt that exist in our country.

At the end of the conference, the Egyptian scientist Ahmad Musa presented the book “Mahmudhoja Behbudi” to the library of the Institute which published for the first time in Arabic.

In connection with this conference, a cultural exhibition was organized by manuscript works of great Egyptian and Uzbek scholars, directly related to the life of Egypt which storage in the Manuscript Fund of Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

The manuscript of “Tafsir Jalalayn” (“The Commentary of the Koran”) of Egyptian scholar Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (1445-1505) is a unique  among manuscripts which presented at the exhibition (The list of manuscripts which presented  at the exhibition were attached).

This exhibition and conference will serve as a solid foundation for the further development of scientific and cultural cooperation between the two countries.



LIST of manuscripts which presented at the exhibition on 22-August  2023-year

  1. “Ashboh van-nazoir” Author: Ibn Nujaym al-Misriy (1519-1562).

(Fiqh. Islamic jurisprudence) №12081/2.

  1. “Al-Munabbihot”. Author: Ibn Hajar al-Askaloniy (1372-1448).

(Hadith). № 11298/3.

  1. “Al-mavohib al-laduniya”. Author: Abul Abbos Shihobuddin Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr Kastaloniy (1448-1517). (History of Islam). №1491.
  2. “Al-Mezon ash-sha’roniya”. Author: Shayh Abdulvahhob ash-Sha’roniy (1493-1565). (Tasawuf ). №2651. Copied in 1670.
  3. “Kitob al-Ansob” (Gyneology). Author: Shikhab ad-Din Abu-l-Abbas Akhmad ibn Ali al-Kalkashandi (1355-1418). (Bibliography and gyneology of popular persons). № 566/3.
  4. “Fath al-Boriy sharhi Sahih al-Bukhari”. Author: Ibn Hajar al-Askaloniy (1372-1448). The most famous review of “Sahih al-Bukhari” in the world. 2-volume. № 6222.
  5. “Al-Itqon fi ulum al-Koran”. Author: Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (The theory of Koranic sciences). № 6782/1.
  6. “Risola fi ma’rifat ad-dunyo” (A treatise on understanding the world). Author: Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (Philosophy of Islam). № 8329/21.
  7. “Tafsiri Jalolayn”. Author:Jaloliddin as-Suyutiy (1445-1505). (Commentary of Koran). № 1226. Ornate manuscript.
  8. “Al-Hidoya”. Author: Burhoniddin al-Marginoniy. A manuscript copied in Egypt. № 3019/1.
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