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""Adolat" sosial-demokratik partiya Siyosiy Kengashi raisi"

December 1 of this year at the аl-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of sciences held a scientific seminar Ph.D. Ulfatbek Abdurasulov, researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Iranian Studies.

The topic of this seminar was called “Soft Power of the Empire: The Turkic-Speaking Office of the Moscow Tsars in the 17th Century.” The audience of the event then gave warm feedback about the lecture, asked questions on the topic and answered them accordingly. Following the results of the scientific seminar, proposals were made to continue cooperation with the speaker.



On 24 October 2023 lead researcher of al- Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, a well-known scholar, Prof., Dr. Ashraf Ahmedov has been awarded with a badge “Descendants of Biruni” by the Biruni Public Fund.

The award ceremony was held in the conference hall of the Institute. It was attended by the staff of the institute, scholars and the director of the Biruni Public Fund. At the event, the scholar’s work in studying Biruni’s heritage was highly appreciated.










On 18-October 2023-year, Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Sultanate Oman Mr. Habib Mohammad Al-Rashdi and Consul of the Embassy Sultanate Oman in Tashkent Mr.Saud Hamed Al-Yahyage have visited to al-Biruni institute of oriental studies, Uzbekistan academy of sciences. The guests were welcomed by Scientific secretary N.Jabborov, Head of the fund Sh.Islamov and Specialist of the Department of International Relations U.Rakhmanov.

The guests were informed and introduced about the scientific activities of the institute, the research departments of the Institute and the publications of the Institute by Scientific secretary N.Jabborov. After that, the Guests were shown a restoration and repairing   Laboratory and Scanning room of the Institute and given information on the construction of a new building. The guests were greatly thanked for the warm reception and noted that the activities and scientific publications of the Institute left them a huge impression.

On 26 September 2023 year, Professor of the National Pedagogical University of Kazakhstan named after Abay, Sarkitkan Kaster and Associate professor of this university Bolatbek Batyrkhan have visited to Al-Biruni institute of oriental studies. Guests were welcomed by the scientific secretary of the Institute N.Jabbarov and a specialist of the Department of International Relations U. Rakhmanov. Initially, N.Jabbarov informed the guests about the scope of scientific activity of the institute, the activities of the scientific departments of the Institute, and the new building of the Institute. The questions of guests were answered by Doctor of Historical Sciences, academician Dilorom Yusupova, who was considered the pride of the Institute, and a young talented employee of the Institute, PhD Khurshid Azimov. The parties presented each other from their publications. After that, guests inspected the restoration laboratory, scanning room, and library of the Institute. Issues of joint cooperation were discussed and a number of proposals were put forward. The activities of the Institute and the work carried out in Institute  left a huge impression to the guests.






On September 26, on the occasion of the 540th anniversary of the birth of the great king and writer Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, аl-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies of the Republic of Uzbekistan with Ms. Rukhsora Iftikhar, Professor of the Department of History, Punjab University, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Head of the Center for the Study of Babur's Heritage , On September 26, a seminar was held on




The topic of this seminar was called “In search of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur in Pakistan”, and the speaker gave interesting information about the life of Babur in Afghanistan and Pakistan, his description in the work “Baburnoma”. Members of the Institute's Council of Young Scientists then expressed warm feedback about this lecture, asked questions within the scope of the topic and answered them accordingly. Based on the results of the scientific seminar, proposals were made to continue scientific cooperation in the field of Babur studies and Babur studies.

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